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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Adnan Sempit The Series

Stay tune on ASTRO WARNA for the new action comedy drama based on the box office movie from Metrowealth, ADNAN SEMPIT, coming soon just for you.

Watch Adnan Sempit and his friends' life even closer in this drama series. Will he ever manage to change his 'Sempit' life?

Featuring the original casts of Adnan Sempit the movie,

Shaheizy Sam
Intan Ladyana
Angah Raja Lawak

Plus new and freshly talented casts

Azad Jazmin
Adib Fabulous Cat

So be sure not to miss out this exciting new episode of

ADNAN SEMPIT the series

Friday, December 18, 2009

Monday, December 14, 2009

Casts Line Up

Shaheizy Sam

Intan Ladyana


Along Raja Lawak

Cat Farish

Julia Hana

Angah Raja Lawak

Zack X-Factor


An action film tucks with comedy scenes, a new combination for the director of "Adnan Sempit", Ahmad Idham.

Adnan Sempit - The Beast and The Beauty

These movie is not about Mat Rempit, it's about the love story between a man and a woman.

Two young yet talented Malaysian movie stars lead the film with their undisputed role play.

These movie combines action packed and funny element which surely entertain the audiences.

Plenty of humorous scenes will ensure you to laugh even from the very beginning of the movie.